Fatty Foods Don’t Cause Obesity


You may have heard a rumor that fatty foods increase your risk of obesity. This is not true. In fact, there’s no scientific evidence that supports this claim at all! It’s also a myth that eating fat leads to weight gain. In reality, obesity is caused by the amount of calories eaten and energy used – not fat. Understanding how our bodies work helps us do everything from lose weight to prevent disease. So let’s dive in!

Fatty foods don’t promote obesity

In a super exciting development, scientists have found that fatty foods don’t cause obesity.

You may be feeling confused right now because you’ve been told your whole life that eating fat makes you gain weight. It’s confusing to think about what might be true when there are so many conflicting reports out there! But keep reading because we’re going to clear it up for you!

Researchers have reviewed the research on fat and obesity (which is 100% scientific) and basically concluded that eating more calories than you burn off does not cause weight gain – regardless of how much or what kind of calories are consumed. In fact, researchers found evidence showing that eating any kind of food at all will not lead to weight gain if energy intake stays constant. So whether your diet consists mostly of carbohydrates or proteins or fats (or all three), as long as your calorie intake remains the same throughout the day, then it won’t matter if those calories come from spinach or steak tips your body will reach its natural set point weight regardless.

So we hope this has helped clarify some things for you! And remember: protein-rich diets aren’t just healthy – they can also help prevent diabetes symptoms by reducing insulin resistance levels in people who already have type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

There is no scientific evidence for this claim

If you’ve heard the claim that fat causes obesity, there is no scientific evidence for it. There are no studies showing that fat causes obesity, and there is also no study showing that fat is the cause of obesity. In fact, many studies have found that high-fat diets aren’t associated with weight gain at all.

Fatty foods are not the leading cause of weight gain or obesity!

Obesity is caused by the amount of calories eaten and energy used, not fat

The main causes of obesity are the amount of calories eaten and energy used, not fat. A calorie is a unit that measures how much energy a food contains. When you eat something, your body breaks it down into nutrients through digestion. Then those nutrients are absorbed and used by cells for energy or storage as fat. If you eat more calories than your body needs for daily functions and physical activity, then your body will store the extra calories as fat-which means that the more calories you take in on a regular basis (including from fat), the more likely it is that they will be stored as fat rather than being burned off (or “burned”) by being used as fuel to do things like breathe or move around.

The good news is there’s no reason why exercise can’t help people lose weight even if they eat fatty foods! The key here is moderation: eating less but exercising more means cutting out some of those fatty foods while still enjoying others occasionally-not going overboard with either one so that only a few hundred extra calories get burned off each day rather than thousands over multiple days just because one person ate too many potato chips today.”

It’s a myth that fatty foods cause obesity

It’s a myth that fatty foods cause obesity. Fats and fatty acids (a type of fat) are not the cause of obesity. In fact, they are very important for health. Fatty acids can help you feel full and satisfied after eating, so you may eat less overall. Less intake means less calories consumed and therefore fewer pounds gained!

There is no need to completely avoid fats or fatty foods because they won’t make you gain weight in the long run, especially if other healthy foods make up most of your diet and exercise is part of your routine as well. It may seem like common sense but just in case it wasn’t clear: fatty foods don’t promote obesity!


The evidence is clear that fatty foods do not cause obesity. It’s time to move past this myth and focus on the real factors that make people overweight.

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